Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Splash of Summer Color

Summer is definitely a time for bright pops of color. It fits the season and is most definitely an attention grabber. Depending on where you may stay, the weather could have numerous attempts to dull your clothing's color palate. 
This doesn't have to happen. On a day where there was grey skies and rain, I took it upon myself to brighten the day a little. 
I made my theme for the day 'Pink & Black' with accents of gold to accessorize. The colors coordinated nicely and seemed to compliment one another. 


- Shoes: Rampage (by Macy's) black sandals with gold studs.

- Pants: Pink 'Rock & Revival' jeans (zipper & buttons gold)

- Bag: Betsey Johnson "Faux-Leather Charm Tote"

I paired this match with a plain black three quarter sleeve tee from Forever 21 and a dainty gold chain from 579 for the perfect splash of color on a day where everything seemed dull.

xo, Dee ❤️.

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