Wednesday, July 1, 2015

College Discounts!

College is a place that reaches into your pocket when there is nothing in it. As a college student, money is tight. Unexpected costs come from everywhere due to books, food, etc. Sometimes, your money is counted for before you even have any!

What a lot of students don't know is that there are are a hosts of different stores and restaurants that offer discounts specifically for college students. Majority of schools give students their student identification cards (ID's) a while before classes actually begin. Once you receive that card, you're able to immediately begin reaping the benefits. All you have to do is have that card on you to receive discounts. You'd be surprised at how many places are willing to offer discounts. Another point to remember is that these aren't one time deals. As long as you have the ID, you can get those discounts as many times as you need. 

Listed are businesses that offer discounts for college students:


- Subway: 10% off your order.
- Buffalo Wild Wings: 10% off your order.
- Chipotle: Free Drink with your purchase.
- Burger King: 10% off your order.
- Sam's Club: $40 yearly for a membership + $15 Sam's Club/Walmart gift card.


- Apple: $200 off a new MAC.
- AT&T: 10% off your monthly bill.
- Sprint: 10% off your monthly bill.
- T-mobile: 8%-15% off your monthly bill.
- Verizon: 18% off your monthly bill.


- Charlotte Russe: 10% off your purchase.
- Sephora: 10% off your purchase.
- Juicy Couture: 15% off your purchase.
- Steve Madden: 10% off your purchase.
- Levi's: 15% off your online purchase.
- Tom's: Free Shipping.


- Target: 10% off online orders.
- Amazon: Free 'Amazon Prime' trial for 6 months, unlimited 2-day shipping.
- Amtrak: 15% off tickets.
- FedEx: 30% off documents, 20% off shipping services.

This is a list of just a few places that offer discounts to college students. Many other places offer discounts as well, but simply don't advertise them as much. Any business that you patronize and are interested in receiving discounts from, ASK. Asking is the key. The worse they can do is say "no". Yet on the other had, you would be surprised as to how many businesses will say, "yes.." Save as much as you can, because any little bit helps. 

xo, Dee ❤️

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