Saturday, July 4, 2015

Holiday Styles

Happy Fourth of July! In the spirit of Independence Day; red, white & blue has been everywhere. From flags and fireworks to store displays and fully patriotic outfits. Being the person that I am, I aimed to stay away from the typical flag themed outfits. I wanted to switch things up and try something new. This made me choose a completely theme thus changing what I typically do. 

For the fourth, I decided I needed to put some print in my life. Solids bore me sometimes and they can get very routine very fast. With this, I was able to put together a pretty nice outfit.


Shoes: Nike KD 'Rugrat' sneaker with black "no-show" Nike socks.

Shorts: Black Floral Shorts (multicolored flowers).

Shirt: Lime green basic tee

I decided to keep jewelry simple and pair the look with a simple silver initial "D" lettered necklace.

To me, this was the perfect outfit. The weather was beautiful and it was so bright! Since it's not such a holiday-specific look, it works for other occasions as well. Whether it's a party, a day out, or a trip to Target. You'll feel comfortable, different (in a good way) and look amazingly stylish.

Hoping you all had a great holiday!!

- xo, Dee❤️

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