Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Girls' Emergency Kit

Being a girl is far from easy. Actually, I'd consider it a full time job. As a girl, there are situations we land in where we think - "Wow, it'd be great if I had ______ right now." or "I really need _____ right now." The words "right now" are the most important. I hate being in those situations, so it's better to avoid them. It's imperative that we're prepared for the most awkward of situations.

We are forced to expect the unexpected. There are items every girl should carry. These items are something like an emergency kit which can be a real lifesaver.

I personally have an emergency kit that I keep inside of my purse and carry it around with me. I keep it at all times.

Items to carry:

1. Deodorant - You never know when you'll need a little back up. It could be a party that gets way too crowded, or an early morning class that you ended up rushing to.

2. Hand Sanitizer - Clean hands are a must. When you're in public and grab a bite to eat, it can be a bit of a hassle to run to the bathroom first, so carrying sanitizer will make things quick and easy. 

3. Lotion - Ashiness is serious, ladies. It feels dry and it isn't attractive one bit. Carrying around lotion can come in handy on more than one occasion.

4. Lipcare - Whether it's MAC, an EOS egg or Carmex, carry around something for your lips. You'll never know when your lips are dry or you simply need a little shine. Personally, I chose which lip product I carry depending on the day. Some days, I want the color of MAC. Other days, I want just simple Carmex.

5. Ponytail Holders - Hot or cold, sometimes you need to pull your hair up. Sometimes, you don't always want it down. This is a good item to have with you because you're always prepared. It also saves you the hassle of asking others if they have one.

6. Tylenol - I don't know how many times I've been out somewhere and caught a headache. It's even worse when you don't have anything to take for it. Having Tylenol available is perfect for those cases.

7.Gum - Sometimes, our breath isn't the freshest. Having gum at the ready is great. It can also be a really good icebreaker when you're in an awkward situation.

8. Pads/Tampons - One of the worse things that can happen is getting your cycle while you're out and have NOTHING to use. It feels disgusting and can ruin your day in an instant. Being prepared with one or two of these at the ready will always be safe. 

9. Travel Pack Tissue - Snotty noses are a pest! What's even worse is having that one little bat in the cave and nothing to get it out with. We're not five, so using your finger is a NO-GO!

10. Emergency Cash - This is pretty straight forward as it is exactly what it's intended for... an EMERGENCY. Carry as much as you think you'll need, whether that be five dollars, ten dollars, etc. Be mindful of your cash. Use it for an emergency, not for "I could really use a burger right now.." or "Starbucks would be great." A frappe isn't an emergency. Use it wisely.

These are the contents of my personal emergency kit. I put all of these items in a clutch because I have a fairly large purse. Use whatever you're comfortable with. Good alternatives are possibly make up bags, or even jewelry pouches. 
These emergency kits don't have to be made expensively. They're actually items that are lying around your house somewhere. Items that you use, you just don't carry.

Having an emergency kit can be a great thing and can truly be what you need when you get that unexpected nose bleed or the lecture is running a little too long. Whatever the situation may be that comes up, you'll be fine.

- Be prepared ladies! 
           xo, Dee ❤️