Sunday, December 20, 2015


Have you ever been so sure of something you could almost see it? All my life, fashion has been my thing. It's what I know I'm good at and what I have a passion for. When deciding on a college, I even made sure the college I was looking at had a fashion major. 
I know fashion is something I'm passionate about and I definitely see myself dabbling into the fashion industry a bit, but not in the way that I was previously thinking. 

Recently, (as in like 2 weeks ago), I changed my major to Public Relations. I think it'll be a good fit for me. I want to go into the entertainment industry along with fashion and everyday lifestyle too. Eventually, I hope I can have my own management agency. 
I plan to be skilled in a host of different things. Fashion, PR, Managerial Tasks, Blogging/Vlogging, Media Personality, etc. I want to do a lot and I don't want to be confined to one section of life. 
2016 is the year of re-invention. It's the year I plan on doing a lot of work, getting myself out there more and trying new things to better myself and the brand I'm trying to build for myself. I'm aiming for a lot and my plan is to accomplish it all. 
With that being said, I've decided to start fresh for the new year and create a new blog with a simpler name. New posts, who dis? 
I plan to show you all a better representation of myself and show you exactly who I am and what I plan to do going into the future. 
I know I'm not like blog famous, but I do want to say thank you if you've been reading my posts and thank you in advance for riding this wave with me. 2016 and beyond has some great things in store for me, I know it. Can't wait to show you all exactly what I have in store. I'll be sure to post when my new blog is up and running and thank you all in advance for the support..

xo, Dee.

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