Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Splash of Summer Color

Summer is definitely a time for bright pops of color. It fits the season and is most definitely an attention grabber. Depending on where you may stay, the weather could have numerous attempts to dull your clothing's color palate. 
This doesn't have to happen. On a day where there was grey skies and rain, I took it upon myself to brighten the day a little. 
I made my theme for the day 'Pink & Black' with accents of gold to accessorize. The colors coordinated nicely and seemed to compliment one another. 


- Shoes: Rampage (by Macy's) black sandals with gold studs.

- Pants: Pink 'Rock & Revival' jeans (zipper & buttons gold)

- Bag: Betsey Johnson "Faux-Leather Charm Tote"

I paired this match with a plain black three quarter sleeve tee from Forever 21 and a dainty gold chain from 579 for the perfect splash of color on a day where everything seemed dull.

xo, Dee ❤️.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

College Preparation

Being an incoming college freshman isn't easy. From all the talk about scholarships, financial aid, deposits, orientations, move-in days and more.. It can all be a bit overwhelming. Despite what people may think, college gets here a lot sooner than some may think. You can't avoid it, so get ready to prepare yourself. Planning for college is a lot more fun than you think. Planning for college is like painting a picture in your head. Before you know it, you're counting down the days until it is time to move-in your dorm or apartment. Included are a few simple things to do to begin the summer before college begins. Take your time, have fun & enjoy yourself!!

Planning for college:

1. Get familiar with your school and its website.
     - I spent so much time at my schools website. Typing in ".edu" became second nature. Exploring the site and checking out their majors/programs helps a lot. It helps you to know more about your school and it helps to kill time.

2. Explore offered programs.
     - This is YOUR future. What you're majoring in should be something you're sure about. And if you aren't, that's still perfectly fine. Exploring programs and activities helps you to discover your niche. You'll be surprised how many times you'll say, "you can major in THAT?" It might even lead to your dream career.

3. Start thinking of ideas and writing them down.
     - If you're planning ahead, it's a good idea to start looking at residence halls and where you're interested in staying. Start looking for themes and your plan of how you want dorm shopping and designing to go. It always helps to get a good list and start testing the waters.

4. Use social media to connect.
     - Searching the hashtag of your school on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook helps more than you know. It helps you to find organizations on campus, keep up with events/deadlines as well as connect with future classmates. You're able to find group chats with other freshman and can even find your roommate if you don't know anyone! 

5. Stay Calm.
     - It can be extremely  difficult to stay calm when beginning to prep. This process can stress you out, but only if you allow it to. If things start to get overwhelming, take a break. There is nothing wrong with just focusing on the present. I encourage you to still be mindful of what's coming.A lack of preparation will lead to extreme frustration and frantic behavior towards the end... Which is something you DON'T want.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day One

Hey! I'm Dee & this is MY blog. All about fashion, makeup & all things girl
Tips, How-To's, Q&A, and many more thingsssss.
I'm very excited to begin this new task. It's been a passion and one of my dreams since I was 8. There are numerous pictures & updates coming soon!!! Just be patient with me!